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How to Handle a Claim

Nobody wants to deal with claims, but luckily it doesn’t have to be a headache. When first hearing that a shipment has possibly been damaged it is easy to get compensation from the carrier if you follow this guide. First, to receive assistance as soon as possible contact the dispatcher as well as the carrier of the damages. Normally, carriers have no problem compensating on small claims and won’t have to conduct a lengthy examination where proper documentation is supplied. If the claim is larger, a representative may assess the damages on site. Make sure to notify the consignees if the claim is filed due to inadequate packaging because the claim can be dismissed if this is the case.

If a claim is signed for “clear” but damage is found after opening the packaging, DOT regulation allows 5 business days to notify the carrier of damage. Make sure to inform the carrier if concealed damage was found before this period of time ends as the claim will be refused.

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Logistics Fox Freight Solutions Looks Out for You

Most carriers have claims forms which generally require the following information to ensure a sufficient claim is received:

  • Consignee’s name and address
  • Shipper’s name and address
  • Carrier’s name and address
  • Shortages and damages
  • Claim history
  • Delivery date
  • Pickup date
  • The total amount of claim


Further information that may also be needed are:

  • Bill of lading
  • Freight bill
  • Invoice
  • Itemized statement of loss
  • Inspection report

Next Steps With Your Claim

After everything has been filed, the carrier must acknowledge or pay the claim within 30 days. Within 120 days the claim must be fully settled or investigated, under federal law. Any delays in compensation within the 120 day period require notification of both parties and updates every 60 days until the claim is settled. If you ever need assistance, contact Logistics Fox Freight Solutions customer service representative to help resolve the issue.

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